Hi, I'm a wedding DJ

The question you may be asking to yourselves is: “What does a DJ actually do at a wedding?” Well, a wedding DJ does not just connect an iPod with some songs to the loudspeakers, perhaps even using the same playlist of the last marriage. Of course, there are DJs like that, who are only interested in money and ruin weddings because of their lack of responsibility, musical culture and empathy with the guests, and for this reason, many people distrust DJs in general. However, professional and expertized wedding DJs are much more. They create the atmosphere for love. They “read” the married couple and the guests, understand what kind of music they like or want to hear and create it for them, using their huge knolwdge about music. Not all the playlist can be prepared before the wedding itself, indeed, the ability of the DJ is improvisation, that is choosing the right music at the right time, mixing seamlessly on the fly. And only if the relatives and friends of the couple feel good and enjoy the music, than the job of the DJ is a success and the wedding will be remembered for the fantastic music and the dancing in the years ahead. In conclusion, why should you choose me instead of other wedding DJs? Because I really like this job, I put passion in every work I do and every new wedding is a new challenge for me, I always try to be creative and realize the perfect atmosphere to celebrate the beautiful day in which two people commit to themselves, to celebrate love, which, in the end, is what it’s all about.
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Hi Gianpiero
Let me thanks you your great job and commitment to ensure the success in this event. For us it was a pleasure to work with you and hope to have the chance to collaborate in the future.
Thanks for the invoice and sure I will to recommended you on your web site.
Best Regards
David Martinez Event Manager, Pronovias.com
Thank you guys so much for providing the music at our wedding. The choir were absolutely amazing and then to have our band was fabulous. You made our day so very special.
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