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Romadjpianobar offers music service for a variety of events including weddings and business events. We are specialized in live music with professional singers and musicians, to give you the best entertainment, together with professionalism and elegance. Romadjpianobar is the right choice!
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Find out more about our services and we will provide personalized services for you and your event. Romadjpianobar offers music service for a variety of events including weddings, business and luxury events. We are more than willing to assist you in planning your event, which can be a small one, that needs only a single artist, or maybe bigger that needs a duo or trio or a DJ, or even bigger, that needs a live Band or a musical ensemble. In Rome and throughout Italy, the right choice for you is Romadjpianobar.
For old and new friends who follow us, we dedicate our music with 3 uninterrupted music stations on Funky Disco Radio by Radio Contact Italy.
The best of funky, soul and disco, the most sought after atmospheres of Chillout music, the classics of House Music from the late 80s to the present day!
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DJ, Live Band, Singer Piano Bar, Jazz Band, DJ and sax, Dj and vocalist, Dj and Live Band.
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  • The spouses and relatives with our wedding singer vocalist Valeria, by Romadjpianobar wedding music Italy
  • Husband and wife with the Wedding Dj Davide, from Romadjpianobar Wedding party in Italy
  • The bride photographs herself with our vocalist animator singer Valeria, from italian wedding party with Romadjpianobar music service
  • A newly married couple celebrates with Valeria Sargentoni, one of the best Italian wedding singers and vocalists-DJs, by Romadjpianobar music services in Italy.
  • In memory of an amazing wedding party with Davide Wedding Dj and Valeria singer vocalist, for Romadjpianobar music and show events in Italy
  • The bride pictured at 4 in the morning, at the end of an amazing wedding party, with Dj Gianpiero Fatica and the vocalist Valeria, Romadjpianobar Music Wedding in Italy
  • The first dance in Cetara (Amalfi coast) with the Wedding Dj Gianpiero Fatica, Romadjpianobar service for weddings and events in Italy
  • The Dj Gianpiero Fatica for opening inauguration in Rome, play the djset for Pronovias, global luxury bridal
  • Wedding Luxury in Italy, Cetara, Amalficoast. The party with the Wedding Dj Gianpiero Fatica
  • Wedding Dj Italy Gianpiero Fatica. Romadjpianobar music party Rome, Tuscany, Florence, everywhere in Italy.
Dj sax Weddings in Italy
Amazing duo for live events performance Djset and Sax. Emotions, good vibrations and party in Rome and everywhere Music party and entertainment for clubs, corporate events, wedding in Italy.
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